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We are farmers with our own vineyards and olive groves. Our crops are used to produce wine in the cellar of the adjoining cottage (Casa Maxima). Our winery is called Evine and our wine is certified ORGANIC.

Our Rural house is designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible taking advantage of natural resources, such as solar energy and rain water.

It is part of our philosophy to keep traditions alive and preserve varieties of grape and olive, such as Monastrell and Cornicabra. In our town agriculture remains an important part of the local economy; therefore, we pay particular attention and have respect for the local environment as well as a transmission of our values ​​to our visitors.

Casa Maxima is an old ranch from early last century. It has been restored with all its original features. It is situated at the foot of rolling hills, surrounded by beautiful countryside of vines, cereal and olive trees. Visitors can feel the calm of a unique rural environment, looking at breathtaking views of the nearby Salinas, Serral and Carche mountain ranges.

The contrast in the landscape is acute; from the burning reds of Autumn to the immensity of the painted green in Summer by hundreds of acres of vines that colour the horizon.

The house is more than 160 sq meters and can accommodate up to 6 people comprising of 3 spacious bedrooms, two spacious living rooms with a fireplace, a bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen. In addition, you can also enjoy a large courtyard of 70 sq meters and the freedom to enjoy the tranquillity.

Following our environmental care philosophy and trying to minimize the impact on the environment, we have tried to make the carbon footprint of our cottage as low as possible, with hot water provided by solar energy and an efficient central heating system fuelled by its own fire place with biomass (provided from agricultural residue). There is also a natural purifier that helps us recycle waste water and transfer it, once refined, to irrigate our crops.

We are located 7 km from Yecla, following a tarmac road called "Road of Sax"



• Cottage for 6 people: 170 €/day


Yecla, Our City

It is worth visiting the arcaded Town Hall Square, where you can admire a preserved historic well surrounded by beautiful buildings: the Old Market, the Old Church and the Town Hall. Also a visit to the Basilica of “La Purisima” is a must. Of immense proportions and a huge picturesque dome as the central feature, the dome is a symbol of the city which stands out amongst the tall buildings around it and can be seen from every route entering the town. There is also the Church of “El Niño” or the Church of “San Francisco”

Wineries and Vineyards

Yecla, like the nearby and more renowned town of Jumilla, has an ancient tradition of winemaking. As you walk through its landscapes you can enjoy immense vineyards, numerous wineries, and a rich culture linked to the world of wine. The newly created WINE ROUTE YECLA, is another attraction for the city.

The Sanctuary

On the foundations of an ancient Arab fortress, of which are now being preserved by the process of excavation and the bringing together of artefacts to reveal an ancient Arab civilisation, sits the Castle Church. Here you can find the image of the Patron Saint of the city “la Virgen del Castillo”. From here you can admire and relax in the surroundings of rich architecture of cave dwellings and a panoramic view of the surrounding area.

Natural Places

Mount Arabi is a place of indescribable beauty with its unusual geological formations and treasures from its enigmatic past consisting of cave paintings, ancient settlements and incomparable natural wealth. Featured also is a journey through the Sierra Salinas Mountains of valuable botanical richness (Oak, Strawberry Trees, Juniper, Olive Trees and many more). Here the breathtaking scenery, and from a vantage point of more than 1200 meters, provides impressive views of the whole region. The rich fauna provides steps to form a place to contemplate the flight of the Great Bustard, the Little Bustard, the Stone Curlew, the Grouse and the Lesser Kestrel. Also worth a relaxing visit Tobarrillas the natural avenues of water, and the highlands of Almansa, with an impressive abundance of trees.

Festivals and Traditions

Declared a national tourist attraction, the most famous fiesta is named in honour of the Local Saint “La Purisima”, in early December. Nothing detracts from the most popular festival and one of the most spectacular of all the region, is San Isidro festival in May. Yecla also has a rich and spectacular Easter Parade, in which you can see the famous image “The Piety” from the prestigious Spanish sculptor Salzillo.

Our Neighbours

Tours by car about half an hour - 1 hour

Tours of surrounding Castles: Almost all of our neighbouring towns are dominated by beautiful castles; all open to the public and are in perfect condition: Jumilla, Villena, Biar, Sax, and Elda, all are visible from Almansa Castle, a historic-artistic monument. Some towns, such as Biar are worth a leisurely visit, to contemplate the beautiful urban design.

To reserve a tour in Sierra Regional Park, please contact us by email: carchene@gmail.com